Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sample full body session

Saturday Session

This is what I did today. Felt good from training all week so thought i'd hit a full body day.
Try it and let me know how you did, and what weights you used.

Warm up

Dynamic warm up including some rolls, jumps, skips, high knees, butt kicks and side ways etc


(a) Squat                                   6x3 reps
(b) box jump or vertical jump    6x3 reps

Squat has to be performed to thighs are at least parall unless you mobility restricts you. And make the weight about 80% of your one rep max
Take your time with each jump and perform them as eplosively as possible


(a) Bench press      4x5 reps
(b) Plyo press ups  4x3 reps

Start with an easy set of 5 in the bench, then continue to go up in weight until the last set, where there should be no more than 5 left in the tank
Plyo press ups are done fast and explosive, so get moving


(a) walking lunges     4x20yards
(b) Kettlebell swings  4x12


(a) Press ups x12
(b) Pull ups x6
(c) squat jumps x10/10

Get as many rounds as possible

If you need help with knowing any of the exercises let me know


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