Monday, 2 April 2012

Northern Ireland Deadlifting Competition

My weekend consisted of a bit of training, eating plenty of junk food and drinking plenty of beer.

This is not a normal weekend for me so I decided to make the most of it and get back on the healthy ways on Monday.

Also this weekend, the N.Ireland dead lifting Competition was on, which I was very excited about. I expected to see some things including

1. Bad ass dudes lift some bad ass weight, (which I did)
2. Some of the scariest dudes you would not wanna met in a dark alley.(which I did)
3. Poor technique (which I didn't)

I thought because of the guys were going for their heaviest weight that technique would take a back seat, but most of them did really well with it. And if there was any ''hugging the bar'' then the judges scored it a non-lift. I was really pleasantly surprised.

I was excited to watch the show, but in particular, two of the local lads, Mark Robinson and Miles Hutchinson.

I had heard alot about these guys coming up to the competition so I was pumped to watch them perform.

They both lifted their first and second attempt which I think was a PR, but narrowly missed the third lift. The determination was class though. It really pumped me up, it has made me super excited to get dead lifting in the gym this week.

Everyone needs something to drive them on, and this has lit a fire in me, I want to be up in the numbers with strong lads like these guys.

You have to find your motivation, no matter what it is, and really attack it full force.

Get after it.... Today!

Here's the video from the comp

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